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Let's make Brno the European Capital of Culture 2028!
What does the European Capital of Culture even mean?
The title is awarded by the European Union to selected cities with the aim of highlighting the importance of culture in the development of a society,cities and entire regions as well as to draw attention to the diversity and uniqueness of particular cultures within Europe. It has been made clear that in 2028, two cities - one from the Czech Republic and one from France - will become European centres of culture. And it wouldn't be like us not to apply to win that chance.
Who is preparing the candidacy and for whom?
We are creating the concept alongside with individuals from the established as well as non-established sectors of culture, with educational institutions, experts and general public. And we are already involving all those who will be drawing on Brno 2028. This will allow our application to consider the truly relevant circumstancesof the local cultural scene..
Why is Brno
running for it?
Where are
we headed?
Do you want to know more about Brno 2028 and the application form?
Open Consultation Hours Vol. 5 will be held on Friday, October 14, 2022 from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm at the Asphalt Cycling Lab.
See you there
Thanks to the candidacy itself, a series of projects in the fields of infrastructure, strategy and cultural offer will get supported. By obtaining the title of European Capital of Culture Brno can gain an enormous opportunity for development.
Impulse for development
It's not only about hundreds of new job opportunities or millions in incoming investments, but this is also about forming a common and shared identity for us, the citizens of the city.
Kick-starting of collaboration
We take the candidacy itself as a challenge for inviting key players of the cultural scene to the table. We will create room for new ideas, for sharing and forming of long-term partnerships.
Europe to Brno, Brno to Europe
Connecting with the European scene, establishing contacts and building the prestige. This is not only a matter of the year 2028, but a chance to get to the centre of the European scene. It is where Brno belongs, In our opinion.

Candidacy process

We are submitting the application
The so-called bid book contains a detailed vision of what Brno would use the title for. The bid book places the whole concept to the local as well as to European context and describes its connection to the long-term cultural strategy of the city.
View the BIDBOOK CS application form!
View the BIDBOOK EN application form!

How do I get involved?
Contact us.

Jana Janulíková
Director of TIC Brno
Blanka Marková
Project developer
Marcela Straková
Head of Programme
[javascript protected email address]
Táňa Šedová
Programme Coordinator
[javascript protected email address]
David Severa
Programme Coordinator
Martina Sedláčková
Office Manager
[javascript protected email address]
Kateřina Rundová
International Relations Coordinator
David Oplatek
Outreach Consultant
Pavla Lukešová
Outreach & PR Consultant
Natálie Kratochvíle
Creative Communication Specialist
Petra Stránská
[javascript protected email address]
Gabriela Juriga
Fundraising Specialist
Kristýna Motyčáková
28-28-28 Project Coordinator

Are you keeping your fingers crossed for Brno to win? Follow the events related to the candidacy.

For press
Brno EHMK 2028
Kumst, Údolní 495/19
602 00 Brno
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